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Get Your FREE Router! By filling out the form below you qualify to get a shiny new router for FREE with every package!

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Telephone numbers can not be the same
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why do we need your postcode?

Broadband availability depends on where you, are as each provider covers different areas of the country. So by knowing where you are we can ensure we only show you broadband, phone and TV deals that you can actually get.

We don't use your postcode data for anything else, just to ensure that we're showing you broadband deals you can actually get – that's it, scouts honour.

2 What is broadband?

Broadband is a high-speed method of accessing the internet, giving users faster uploads and downloads than were possible via dial-up connections. It also allows for simultaneous use of landline and internet connections.

Broadband involves sending information via electrical signals to and from your computer, using copper telephone wires, glass or plastic fibres or via satellite transmission.

The technical definition of broadband, it's worth noting, is a connection of at least 256 Kilobits per second, which is equal to 0.25 Megabits.

3 How do I get broadband?

Whether you're new to broadband or looking to switch providers, our broadband comparison service will help you find the best deal for you. Simply answer the questions and we'll do the rest.

4 What do I need to get broadband?

A phone line, a router and microfilters for your phone socket. The router and microfilters are usually supplied by your ISP.

5 What is the difference between standard and fibre broadband?

There are two main types of broadband, standard and fibre optic – often referred to as 'superfast'.

6 What is the download speed?

Your download speed is the pace at which data (like web pages, music, video content etc) is transferred to your computer. The better your download speed, the faster your internet connection will be. That means that, next to price, it's one of the most important factors when choosing a provider. It is worth noting that all broadband products are advertised with 'up to' speeds. This is because in most cases you will not actually receive the maximum potential speed.

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